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Facing a new era, our denomination has announced a church development policy statement to enhance growth in the 21st century "Establishing the earth as a community of life where all creation lives together in harmony for the glory of God". Based on this, in order to practice and extend the missionary vision saving life as a faith movement, the General Assembly is developing "A Decade of Life Saving Campaign" from 2002 to 2012.
This Life Saving Campaign has the ultimate goal of conversing the existing “Church Growth centered ministry" to the "ministry centered in Saving Life”. The presbytery, which is the mother of the present Presbyterian Church system, being the central figure, the campaign also has a goal for all the members of each church to participate. It will be operated and developed in the course of reforming the organization of the General Assembly; “Policy Making and Assembly Training Center carried out at the General Assembly level- operations by the presbyteries”

By using the slogan of "Let's Save Life!" some programs and tasks will be developed and put into practice from the following 10 themes. 'Unity and Renewal', 'National Evangelism', 'Social Ministry', 'World Mission and Ecumenical Solidarity', 'Education Ministry and Training', 'Faith and Economy', 'Sharing and Peace on the Korean Peninsula', 'Christianity and Culture', 'Public Relations in the Information Age', 'Basic Policy for Sustainable Growth'.