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It holds title to and preserves and manages the properties of the General Assembly including the Korean Church Centennial Memorial Building.
It takes charge of matters related to the old-age pension which supports the ministers of our denomination in their retirement.
It takes care of all the publishing of the General Assembly and Christian outreach through publications and therefore supplies books for ministry and church education, theological books, religious books and materials for multimedia.
Launched in 1946, Kidokgongbo, the General Assembly's denominational newspaper, has the longest history among the weekly newspapers. It is to promote the unity, life and peace of churches while fulfilling the duty of Christian mission through publication.
It is the social welfare foundation which promotes the welfare of the blind by their social welfare services.
It is the social welfare foundation which overseas the welfare work of the General Assembly by conducting various welfare work at the denominational level for community, children, women, disabled and for the aged.