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  The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of Korea was established on the 1st of September, 1912 under the name [The Chosun Presbyterian Church].
Based on the Bible and the constitution of Presbyterian Church of Korea, we spread the Gospel and carry out all kinds of ministry accordingly. Standing in the Reformed Church tradition and ecumenical spirit, we observe the doctrine of the Presbyterian Church, the Apostles' Creed, 12 Articles of Korean Presbyterian Confession of Faith, The Westminster Catechism and Confession of Faith.

  Description of the Symbol of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (Tonghap)
The cross symbolizes Christ's work of salvation and therefore symbolizes Christianity and the scroll represents God's Word and suggests the form of the Korean peninsula.
The cross is colored red to present Christ's blood and the grace of God's salvation at the same time. The scroll is colored green to present the hope and the will of the Korean Presbyterian Church. Overall the symbol portrays the hope and the will of the General Assembly to witness the evangelization not only of Korea but of the whole world based on the work of salvation through Christ's blood.