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On behalf of all members of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, it is my privilege to extend the sincere greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Presbyterian Church of Korea was established in 1912 and has grown up as a missional church. When first General Assembly was held, The PCK decided to send missionaries to China. The mission in Shandong, China had continued from 1913 to 1957. In 1956, just after the end of the Korean War, the PCK sent missionaries to Thailand and they have worked with churches in Thailand ecumenically. Today the PCK is developing various activities and services in our mission fields both in Korea and in the world.

  In 1996, the PCK has adopted “A Proposal for Developing Church Policy to Enhance Growth in the 2lst Century” with policies and programs to achieve its purposes until 2020.
As a result of this proposal, the PCK has started “A Decade of Life-Saving Movement” since 2002. And in continuation to that, the PCK is now working on “Ecumenical Decade of Life-Community Movement for Healing and Reconciling” (2012-2022).

With your players and cooperation, the Presbyterian Church of Korea can develop and accomplish its mission to fulfill its duties as a servant of God. I would like to ask your continuous prayers for peace in North East Asia and reunification of the Korean peninsula.

May God’s peace and blessing be with you.

Rev. Seoung hee Lee
General Secretary (elected)