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On behalf of the Presbyterian church of Korea, it is my privilege to extend the sincere greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ

The General Assembly is top administrative organization in the Presbyterian Church of Korea. The Ceneral Assembly internally plans and performs church policies in order for individual presbyteries and their churches to fulfill duties such as worship services, mission work, education and service, Moreover, facing a new millenium of 2lst century, the PCK is developing various activities and services in our mission field.

  In 1996, the PCK adopted <A Proposal for Developing Church Policy to Enhance Growth in the 2lst Century > with policies and program to accomplish until 2020.
According to this proposal, the PCK has started < A Decade of Life-Saving Movement > since 2002.

This booklet is published to introduce you the life, faith and missions of General Assembly of PCK. With your players and cooperations, the Presbyterian Church of Korea can develop and accomplish its mission to fulfill its duties as a servant of God`s mission.

May God`s peace and blessing be with you

Rev. Hong Jung Lee
General Secretary